Vintage – Billy Lorento – Hollow Body Guitar

 PEERLESS New York Archtop Hollowbody Electrtic Guitar  707348
 PEERLESS New York Archtop Hollowbody Electrtic Guitar  707348
   US $1,295.00
 120941806914196590 Vintage   Billy Lorento   Hollow Body Guitar


I am listing my FRAMUS Billy Lorento Model 5/120 which was “created” in the late 1950s in

 It is considered to be "highly collectible" here in the U.S. - - - It is electrified with a 3-pickup system that was probably added after-market
in Germany.

This instrument was purchased in Germany by a U.S. Serviceman and
carried back to the states when he returned.

I can no longer play this guitar due to arthritis in my fingers. I had given up any notion of
ever playing it again so it went into storage where it has remained for several years. 
Recently I pulled it out thinking I might sell it and found that
the back had begun to part at the glue line. I had failed to relax the string tension before storing it, which led to the separation of the back....

Not too long after I got the guitar I handed it to a
"friend" who claimed he could reattach the neck, which had started
to loosen. When he returned it I was dismayed to find he had
re-glued it OK but had drilled holes and used screws to secure it in place.
Fortunately, he did get it on straight so I didn’t detect any adverse effects
on the fretting action. 

Some of the
string support sliders on the floating bridge
have been replaced with non-factory pieces. All of the bridge components
will be placed in the case pocket for shipping.

The underside
of the neck is scarred from using an old style clamp on capo, but can easily be touched up and refinished.

I removed the pick guard expecting to replace it but has either been misplaced or possibly discarded. If at some point I should come across the
original guard I will make sure it is sent to whoever purchases the guitar.

A competent luthier
would certainly be able to make all necessary repairs and restore
this instrument to its original glory.


I have done my
best to spell out details relating to this guitar and its condition in my
listing but have not tried to
individually list small dings, dents, scrapes or whatever.
Therefore I encourage potential buyers to check out the photos to fully understand the condition of this instrument before
bidding. I will do my best to respond to any specific questions a potential buyer
might have.




 In researching the Billy Lorento name, I
found that “Billy’s” real name was Jzchak Wajcman, and that he was a well-known
guitar player in Germany who performed under several different stage names. He
now lives here in the U.S and goes by the name of Bill Lawrence. Bill has
become a recognized expert in the design and manufacturing of top-of-the-line
guitar pickups that are considered by professionals to be of exceptional
quality and performance. Bill continues to maintain a business in Orange
County, California. Several writings tracing his history can be found on the

Information and parts lists for vintage Framus guitars can be found by using the following link:,3,7&typeID=19-24,33,34,49,50,53-56,169,170&katID=4627&cl=EN#



This combination of guitar and case
create a weighty package for shipping, resulting in a need impose weight and size based shipping costs derived from the
USPS information site. I can however, use a different carrier (with
appropriate fee adjustments) if requested.



Sorry, but I cannot
accept returns on this item, so again, look closely at the photos and ask
your questions before bidding.



 120941806914196591 Vintage   Billy Lorento   Hollow Body Guitar

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