Parchman Farm Arch-top Hollow Body Blues Guitar



Alive with tone, growl, and superbly made. 


Welcome to the
Classicguitar-Workshop in beautiful Arizona.  Thank you for taking time to look at this
excellent new Parchman Farm arch-top hollow-body guitar.


The guitars are named after the infamous prison, the Mississippi State Penitentiary, known as Parchman Farm.  

the guitar Website….. In 1901 the cruelest
prison in America was built in Parchman, Mississippi.

Commit a crime in this state, any crime, and you would
be sent here.  Many came, many served harsh sentences, many worked in
chain gangs under the hot Mississippi sun.

And many died here. 

But through the high price of pain and death came the

Some of the earliest Blues-men were here and served
time.  Guitarists Bukka White and Son House come to mind.

They served long hard years and their music reflect
the suffering and the struggle to live.

Parchman Farm guitars are made to play their songs,
the blues, and the music of today.

Their guitars are

This guitar is named
after Son House, a great Delta-blues singer and guitarist (and mentor to Robert Johnson who sold his soul to Satan for the ability to play guitar like the devil himself.)  

Son, who had been playing guitar in a Saturday night juke joint, was shot in the leg by a drunk on a shooting spree.  Son fired back, killing the man in self defense.   However the judge didn't see it that way and sentence Son to 15 years hard labor in Parchman farm.

guitar is made to play his music, the blues, with exceptional sound, superb

The woods are quilted Maple top, 
Maple back, and sides. The neck is also of Maple.

This guitar absolutely sings.  The tone is huge and alive, great trebles
and deep basses.  But if you want you can get a great crunchy sound out of
it.  There is no muddiness in the mid
tones, all chords and single notes ring clean, a credit to this guitar. 
And a credit to how well the guitar has been made.

The neck pick-up delivers a beautiful warm jazz tone, and the bridge pick-up is
edgier for that rock to blues tone.

A fast low easy action.  With room to adjust to your playing style, with
an adjustable bridge, and adjustable truss rod in the neck.

The body is 16-1/2” wide at the lower bout with a scale length of 62.9cm (24¾
inches,) with the large body depth of 3-1/2inches.  42cm nut width with a
neck width of 52cm at the 12th fret, the Rosewood fretboard has a 14th fret
neck join.

If you would like to know more about Parchman Farm guitars go to their website


read about the guitars and about Parchman Farm prison, the blues-men who did
hard time there, and the music they played.

The label in the guitar makes a statement about the prison, the word-underline is of barbed wire and the blood dripping onto the word Mississippi is hand painted.

MSRP is $1,895.00 but I am going to start the bidding low.

A few details of this excellent guitar:-

* Full Hollow body with Sound Post/Block

* Beautiful Quilted Maple Top

* Maple Neck and Sound Post/Block

* Tremolo

* Rosewood Fretboard

* Grover Tuners

* Mother-of-Pearl Logo on Headstock

* Twin Artec Humbuckers

* Two Volume Pots, Two Tone Pots, One Switcher

* Cut-A-Way

* Color:-     Sunburst

* Design and final assembly in the USA

guitar is easy to play, has excellent tone (plugged in or not,) and is a
handsome well made guitar that you can be proud to own.

guitar comes with a plush-lined, hard-sided case.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I have had a lifetime with
guitars and will happily chat about them. 

Please also contact me for cost of shipping to other countries.  (Please note with the case there
is an oversize charge for shipping to AUSTRALIA, please contact me
regarding cost, or for shipping without case, thank you.)

The guitar is new,  with no blemishes or marks (any marks you see in the
photos are simply light reflections.) It will be carefully packed, strings
loosened, and shipped insured.

My Best Wishes for Your Guitar Playing

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