1967 Guild Starfire Xii Hollow Body 12 String Guitar

Silvertone 1429 Semi Hollow Body Guitar W Case
Silvertone 1429 Semi Hollow Body Guitar W Case
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 131362707889644720 1967 Guild Starfire Xii Hollow Body 12 String Guitar

Please read carefully! This is a vintage guitar, and while she is gorgeous and solid, there are issues you will want to know about!
This is a 1967 Guild Starfire XII 12-string hollow body guitar. At the moment, it's strung as a 6-string, since I rather like it as a blues guitar, and just haven't gotten around to putting all 12 strings back for a while. I bought this in 1984 at R.D. Music in South Bend, Indiana, when I was 21 years old. Mostly, it's sat in a case since then, but she does come out to play every now and then.. But whereas acoustic 12 string guitar was my thing for a while, and electric guitar my other thing, I never really took to playing 12 string electric like I thought I would. May have had something to do with the old solid state Crate amp I was using back then. I'll probably put the other 6 strings back on and plug this into a tube amp before it sells, and cry. Meanwhile, like I say, it does make an awesome, vintage toned blues guitar. I do remember getting a particularly gorgeous 12 string tone through a Scholz Soloist headphone amp, with a little bit of chorus and an outboard Boss delay!
While she is a fine fine player, my favorite thing about this guitar is her looks. This non-glossy finish on top of the wood is just gorgeous, while letting the wood breathe. There are numerous scratches and dings, as you'd expect in a 44 year old guitar. Most of them go into the wood (since there's really no gloss), some of them more than a little - nothing that would compromise the structural integrity or make you cry, though.The overall appearance is still very good because the finish also goes down into the wood, so she doesn't look scratched viewed casually from a few feet away.  I've tried to capture this in the last couple of pics. 
There are a couple of other issues worth reporting that you may find important. First of all, the headstock has been repaired in back. It's clear to me that it was at least mostly broken off or on its way there. However, the repair was really well done, and has not moved in the 27 years I've owned this guitar - and it's always had 6 or 12 strings on it, usually tuned to pitch with .009 or .010 gauge electric strings. You can find the seam where the repair was done easily enough, but you actually might miss it if you weren't aware of it to begin with. You can see what I'm talking about in the picture of where the headstock meets the neck in the back.
I was also told at one time that the finish, though gorgeous, is not original, and I can see how it would give this impression. There are a few spots, particularly on top of the headstock (which also has a bit of a mark, as you can see), that look oversprayed with a more distinctly red finish. But I think it may be original or possibly have been lightly sanded down to an earlier, but arguably more beautiful, finishing stage, since I have since seen something very similar in another picture of another example of this guitar on the web. Also, there is an old ad for the 60's Starfires that shows the "Cherry Red" finish as pretty distinctly similar to this guitar, though I would otherwise have called it more of a "walnut brown". If any of you experts and luthiers out there can shed any light, your input would be welcomed! Here are the pictures on the web that lead me to my theories on the subject: (see back of the headstock)
There is a definite patina and wear to the body binding (i.e. the thin white, or antique white stripe that goes around the body). Two of the original Guild top hat knobs have been replaced with other top hat speed knobs. They may all be Guild knobs, but there's obviously two different types. I believe everything else except the strings to be original. All the electronics work great, maybe a small hint of noise when turning some of the knobs, which would probably work itself out with more use.
Though it's not my bread and butter guitar, I am nevertheless reluctant to sell this beauty, but need to pay the mortgage. Starfires from this period are being listed for thousands. Given the repair and the question of the finish, I am starting a lot lower and will let you decide what this particular example is worth. I will include insurance for your bid price in the free shipping, and will include a TKL hardshell case that does have a few good scratches on the outside, but is otherwise in very good shape and provides fine protection.  The case can accommodate a "concert size" flat top, which leaves a little play for the top of the body, but I will put in some extra padding inside and out - and I think you will find the case is really a good fit for day to day storing or carrying this guitar. Picking this item up in Bloomington might not be a bad idea, either - payment by PayPal is still required first. You have 3 days to check out the guitar and return it, in the same condition as it was shipped, for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and insurance (since it is included in the purchase), if the guitar is not as advertised. Note that shipping AND insurance both ways is the sole responsibility of the buyer! I will not ship internationally both because of the added complication and because I am concerned that the guitar be delivered quickly and safely, especially with all the hot weather everywhere.

 131362707889644721 1967 Guild Starfire Xii Hollow Body 12 String Guitar

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